About Me

Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, I am a Mid-Westerner at heart, and lived mostly all of my life in Kansas City, Kansas. I studied Fine Arts and Art History at  Johnson County Community College from 2010-2012; it is a fantastic school that I am proud to have attended! At JCCC, I was a Presidential Scholar, a member of JCCC Honor Society, an enhanced member of Phi Theta Kappa, and a graduate of the Cavalier Leadership Development program. While in KC, I volunteered with the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City and with the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. In both 2011 and 2012, my skills in fine art awarded me the opportunity to display pieces of my artwork at the Kansas City Artists Coalition’s Undergraduate College Student Exhibition. In 2012, my artwork won an Honorable Mention in the Sobriety Rocks Contest for Kansas.

That summer, I also received the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, which enabled me to study Art Restoration at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute in Florence, Italy. I transferred to the University of Delaware in August 2012 to finish my undergraduate studies, working on my Bachelor of Arts in Art History with a concentration in Art Conservation–a program which was and is unique to this and only one other school in the US at the undergraduate level.

After I completed my BA in May 2014, I relocated to Philadelphia, PA in order to continue volunteering at the Penn Cultural Heritage Center as a research assistant. I began living between Colorado and Kansas beginning December 2014 in order to participate in the Colorado Archaeological Society‘s Program for Avocational Archaeology Certification (PAAC) while also preparing for graduate school. I began volunteering for Saving Antiquities for Everyone (SAFE) in January 2015 as a social media coordinator, and currently serve as part of their newly formed STAFF as a content & outreach coordinator. I have recently been accepted to University College London for their MA in Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East for the 2015/16 school year. Prior to my departure, I will participate in the Kansas Archaeology Training Program (KATP) through the Kansas Anthropological Association‘s field school in Hays, KS and I will be living and working from my home-base in Kansas City.

My hope is that these experiences will help prepare me to work as an archaeologist and field conservator with a focus in Near Eastern culture. Connect with me on Linkedin!


One response to “About Me

  1. Hi Stella: Will save your blog as a favorite on by laptop so I can come back and follow your adventure. Looks very exciting. I am very happy for you. Joe Hlavacek

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