Weekend Excursion to Venice

After class last week, my roommate Dona and I took a trip to Venice.

I want anyone traveling around Italy to know how easy and affordable traveling by train is; our train from Florence to Venice was €9…about the equivalent of only $11! We left Friday at noon and got back Saturday night around nine, so we only paid for one night in a campground just outside of the island. I also highly recommend these types of campgrounds; although our tent was small and the bathrooms did not have doors (haha), it was more than I expected from the €11 we paid for one night. 🙂 They had showers, laundry, 24-hour check in, and a small grocery store with a pizza restaurant located just inside the gate. We also felt totally safe.

Our train into Venice took us to the Santa Lucia train station on the main island, so we spent Friday afternoon getting used to the winding roads and consistently unmarked dead-end streets. Although these were confusing, getting lost in Venice was not terrible ;). Saturday, we visited all the attractions in the Piazza San Marco (“Saint Mark’s Square”), which include the Museo Correr, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Sale Monumentali della Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana. Of course we also visited Saint Mark’s Basilica; so gorgeous!


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