Week 3 of Restoration Workshop

I apologize for the post about this week’s class being delayed; it was a very busy week with early hours and longer days than usual!

We continued work on two paintings, the large painting of Santa Caterina (17th Century) and the painting of the monk on the damaged canvas. After the removal of the varnish and the cleaning processes were completed, we began restoring Santa Caterina by plastering the damaged areas with gesso. We also completed the transfer of the monk painting onto a new canvas.

The early mornings consisted of us creating our own frescos with hand-mixed tempura and preparing them for detachment during the final week’s class. After tracing our chosen image on wax paper, we punched multiple small holes along the lines. When we placed this paper over our plaster support and pressed green tempura powder over the holes, it created a sinopia (preliminary under drawing for fresco). We used this to outline the main shapes of the fresco, then adding wet tempura mixed with white gouache to fill in the details. Detaching a fresco is an important and delicate process; when removing the paint from its original location onto canvas, bits of the mortar often comes off as well.

Next week is my last week of class before I head back to Kansas City… thank you all for following my journey!

Also! Don’t forget to vote for my pics below in the Gilman Scholarship Photo Contest, please and thank you!!



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