Night on the town

I went exploring last night to try to find a place to go running. The Giardino Bardini (Bardini Garden) and Giardino Vegni looked close enogh to my apartment, so I began walking in their direction on my map. I spent a while trying to find a way in, but kept coming to high stone walls that surrounded them without openings. I gave up soon enough, and started walking up a steep hill away from the bar dwellers. This area was much greener than the Florence I had seen so far. I ended up in the Piazzale Michelangelo, a famous tourist square with a magnificent panoramic view of Florence. Not too bad 🙂

On my map it said there was camping near the Piazzale, so I trekked down a hilly pass and found an area filled with more RVs then tents. Camping with a fire sounded awesome to me; Florence does get a little chilly at night. Too bad I didn’t bring any of my gear with me!


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