This blog is dedicated to documenting my studies and travels while abroad in Florence, Italy 🙂 I am studying at Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute for one month over the summer, participating in an art restoration workshop. This class is unique to this school and this area of the world; Europe is the place to be for any and all Art and History majors!

This opportunity is like a dream to me, and it was only realized thanks to the funding I received from the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship! They make it possible and easy for any student with foreign study aspirations to achieve their educational and career goals, simply by applying on their website:

Be sure to look at the deadlines for the semester you want to travel. The International Education Office at your home university can inform you of available programs, help you complete paperwork (of which there is a lot), and review your essays before you submit your materials.

I can’t wait to fully experience this amazing opportunity! Thanks Gilman Scholarship Program!! Also, thank you to my wonderful family and loved ones for supporting me both fiscally and emotionally throughout this process 🙂

Fino a domani!


2 responses to “Pre-departure

  1. Hope you arrived arrived at apt w little no snafus … And that will will get a little time to get settled in before you’re off and running! With all that there is to be in awe of as you walk around ..please keep you super spidey senses on the lookout for the not so good ……

  2. Oh my goodness! How can there be so much to see in just one day! Incredible! I am so glad that I sent the camera with you!

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